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Who are the Cloudwalkers?

Cloudwalkers is the term used for generations by the Riversong family and those on the reservation to describe dark spirits. In truth, they are Drekthnai — fallen angels who relinquished their rights as First Creations to follow a path of their own design. Once relegated to the Void, the demi-god Pan tricked a young Greek girl named Dora into giving up her sanctified blood to free them.  In doing so, Pan’s Dora unleashed these misbegotten exiles from Eden on the human world.

Centuries later, the Void Portal, and others like it are instrumental in the grand plan for the end of this world as we know it.  To establish dominance and claim the Earth as their own, the Cloudwalkers must seduce Pandora’s Heir, release the Winds of the Euphrates, and call the Horsemen to ride.

How can a shy young woman and her family stand against them?


MEET THE CLOUDWALKERS and other characters from Seven Lamps were Burning!

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