Hello, all!

I have been fortunate to meet and speak with so many talented author in recent weeks. May of them are publishing independently, which means getting the word out to readers is their sole responsibility. Having just gone through this process myself, I understand how daunting and exhausting a task this can be! I was fortunate enough to have a lot of help with my Book Launch Event, but the job of promoting our work never stops.

In an effort to help other authors and readers to connect, I’ve decided to do an occasional post I’m calling Friday Feature. On these pages, you’ll find information on books just coming into the market, and the authors who have lovingly slaved over them to bring us a GREAT READ! Are there hundreds, maybe thousand of sites that do just this? Yes, so I will only be selecting a few books now and again.

I hope you find your new favorite author on these pages. (Other than myself, of course!)

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