Hello, fellow book lovers! Great news!

As you may recall, last year was YEAR ONE for the National Indie Author Day. All across America, writers and their Best Friends (That’s you, dear readers) gathered together to celebrate that which we love: Storytelling.

What? Hurricane Matthew deterred you from venturing to your local public library for this bookish event of events?  Never fear! The weather promises to be beautiful this year. The weatherman owes us. *wink wink*

If you aren’t in the Aiken, SC area, I’m so sorry you won’t be at my Meet & Greet, but the news is not all drear. You can meet authors local to YOUR hometown and get signed copies of their books! In addition to great visits with Novelists, Screenwriters, Songwriters, Poets, and members of the publishing community, there will be FUN games, Grab bags of GOODIES and a general air of COMRADERIE!

Turn to Twitter or Facebook for more information on events in your area. HAPPY READING!!!

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