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People who read early drafts of Seven Lamps had a lot to say about their favorite characters! Now, I’m the kind of girl who can paint a pretty good picture of a character in my imagination, and to be truthful, sometimes the cover picture or the actor (if the book is made into a movie) is nothing like I pictured. For the most part, I’m not phased by this — I just keep my own image in mind when reading.

HOWEVER, sometimes it can be a blast discussing what you though a character looked like and comparing it to your friends ideas (or the authors/casting directors). So, if you want to know more about the Cloudwalkers, the Riversong family or the Earthbound, read on, but be warned, the links will take you to the gallery. I wouldn’t want you to have a fixed idea of the characters until you wanted one. If you prefer your imagination, by all means — I understand! But… there are interesting tidbits of trivia attached to the image. Maybe later, after you’ve read the book…

Now, on to meet the people who have dominated my world for five years…


Sasha grew up partly on a Lakota reservation in South Dakota where her grandfather, Ghost Elk, was a tribal chief.  She carries the legacy of tales of the spirit world within her and they are part of the reason she accepts what is happening in her world. Having endured bullying due to her mixed ethnicity, weight issues, and the fact that her hair went prematurely white while she was still in high school has left her with insecurities in spite of a loving and supportive home life. Being an oddball in high school is the worst!

When Sasha learns she is the heir to Pandora’s Jar (see the blog on Pandora!), she feels supremely unequal to the task before her. Like all of us, though, Sasha has strengths she never dreamed she had. Will she be able to draw from them in time to fulfill her destiny?

Sasha is drawn largely from my oldest daughter, Tamara. There is a bit of her sister (who is another character) and even myself in our heroine too!

See what I think Sasha looks like.


That’s with a hard “G”. As Sasha’s Guardian, Anghellan has had all of her life to observe her character. He sees her potential and believes she is capable of fulfilling her destiny.  As a creature of spirit, Anghellan takes the form of a Native American man, hoping it will appeal to Sasha and make her feel comfortable with him. But, is that the only reason he wants to be appealing?

I find him quite attractive. What do you think? Check him out!


Fen is a naughty boy. That’s pretty much all I can tell you without giving too much away. He’s disrespected his father, betrayed his brother, and now, his plan is to cozy up to Sasha and make her forget the troubles of the world. Fen certainly enjoys his work! Like a lot of pretty, rich boys, he just wants to have fun.

This is one of those you might certainly disagree with, but he’s the closest I could come to how I see Fenrir.  Ready? GO!


Mrs. Faye “Cookie Monster” Brickleven was not supposed to be a major character. Well, she sure showed me! Faye, once a Vegas party girl, has had quite the life. She has mingled and more with the elite of Hollywood, the movers and shakers, even the Rat Pack, and lived to tell the tale (in her upcoming memoir). Who would have thought this astringent, silver-haired septuagenarian was so bad in the good old days? I wonder if there are more secrets in her past she has yet to reveal?

Take a peek at who I see when Faye makes me write her into extra chapters.

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