I’d be lying if I said this is really how I see Fenrir. It is partly. A while back, I was watching an episode of Criminal Minds and the UNSUB was played by a very versatile actor. It isn’t his face that got me, it was his smile. His smile is 100% Fen. I’m talking about Jackson Rathbone. You might remember him as Jasper Cullen.


A bit of a tweak with the old photo editor (okay, I admit, this one was almost worse than Sasha’s) He became a blond for version one of Fenrir. He just looks like a wicked tease, doesn’t he?

Since my editing skills are somewhat lacking (okay, I suck, but hey, I’m a writer, not a graphics artist), his eyes aren’t quite right. This is what his eyes look like… Yes, ladies, Fen stole Ian Somerholder’s eyes.

Here’s the deal. Read the book, get to know the REAL Fenrir Lukasen, and then come comment who YOU think could best play him.

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