Okay, so, the whole idea of the white hair and lavender eyes comes from a legend of fantasy. I’m speaking of R.A. Salvatore’s dark elf, Drizzt. I am a huge fan and still enjoy his tales of the drow with a conscience. If you’ve never read the books, do. You won’t regret it.

My kids get their Cherokee blood from their paternal grandmother. Most of them have dark hair. It’s a fact that my twins started seeing silver threads in their early 20’s. They get it from their daddy. I liked the idea of having Sasha’s hair go prematurely white being a part of the wrinkles in her psyche. We all have something about our appearance that we aren’t entirely happy with, and our adolescent woes have much to do with shaping who we become.

This is a picture of my daughter Tamara that I love. With a lot of grumbling, some swearing (as I learned to photoshop) and some plain out pitiful sobbing, she became Sasha. Yes, I know, it’s kind of obvious I still haven’t mastered photo editing!During one of my mental breakdowns trying to edit the photo, I thought I might cheat and see if there was a picture of Sasha online. These were the closest I came. The drawing looks more like Sasha in Sister of My Soul the novella set a few years before Seven Lamps.




Sasha IS pretty, but she’s also just a normal girl, a little overweight, a little self-conscious. She isn’t perfect, or glam, nor would she want to be. How about you? Do you prefer super attractive heroines or do you find Sasha relatable? Leave a comment below!


UP NEXT: Anghellan

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