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Cover Reveal(s)


Well, now, are y’all as excited as I have been about the cover to Seven Lamps Were Burning? It’s been a crazy and emotionally exhausting process, but I must say I’m truly happy with the results. I even had a little fun creating “extra” covers that won’t be used, well, because I could and it allowed me to use some of the many images I liked but decided against for the final cover choice.

A few of those images were declined because I was unable to get permission to use them. Copyright infringement fines are not on my list of “things I want for Christmas” this year. I’ve tried to be very careful where the official cover is concerned, but I don’t think there will be a problem showing y’all some of the pictures in a non-commercial environment, so I will be posting some of them later — with the proper accreditation included where possible. Check back on the Gallery link in a week or two for some nifty image and tidbits about how they would have fit into Seven Lamps.

They say a good cover is one of the most important factors in choosing a book. I have to agree. While I most often will read the synopsis or blurbs, it’s often the cover that catches my eye in the first place. Is it dark and broody? Bright and cheerful? Hopefully, the cover gives a good idea of what’s inside.

You ready? I know I am. So without further ado, I present to you, THE OFFICIAL COVER FOR SEVEN LAMPS WERE BURNING!


   Well, what do you think?   Hmmm… Tell you what… Why don’t you vote in the comments (click the link up top). I haven’t uploaded it yet. Who knows, your vote may change my mind!




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